sarodist on the edge

Aditya Verma is one of Canada's premier forces on the Canadian and international world music scene. A charismatic sarod player based in Montreal, he has won the admiration of audiences across North America, Europe and India...

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Mondo gratis

...Indo-Canadian Verma's a top-flight sarod player with over a decade of studies in India under his belt. Backed up by tabla man Vinya, he'll unspool the sacred ragas with utmost panache.
- Rupert Bottenberg

Sruti Magazine (iss.#193)

Aditya concentrated on exploring, in a stately and serene manner.... It was not only technically correct but also aesthetically pleasing.... he produced a beautiful image.... seemed to put the audience in a trance.
- Jaya Subramaniam

Montreal Mirror

Verma flaunts his mastery of the instrument
- Rupert Bottenberg

ON HIS DEBUT CD "Saraswati Devi"

Aditya Verma is a man with a penchant for barely audible detail that impacts subliminally inside your head after the last note has gone to sleep. Saraswati Devi is a winner!
­- Life Positive Magazine